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500 dollar tickets: the 60% refund is better for islanders

Courtoisie : PAL Airlines

Îles de la Madeleine

On June 1st the Quebec Regional Air Transportation Plan came into effect, allowing people to purchase tickets for domestic flights at reduced rates by compensating the carriers.

Although the announcement focuses on round-trip tickets at a cost of $500, two components will be available to Magdalen Islanders, depending on which is more advantageous.

In most cases, the 60 percent refund already offered through the Airfare Reduction Program remains the preferred option.

However, the annual refund limit has been lifted.

The mayor, Jonathan Lapierre, notes that these are minimal differences for islanders.

At Club Voyage les Iles, co-owner France Groulx says she has been overwhelmed with calls and messages.

She summarizes the functioning of the new program and the questions it raises for her clients.

Remember that the announcement includes a limit of 3 round trips at a cost of $500 per person per year.

According to Pascan’s co-owner, Yani Gagnon, approximately 300 tickets per month will be available in the region through the program during the summer, while this number will increase in the off-season.

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