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Les Pêcheries SBL in the process of building a new fish pound in Grande-Entrée

La première version adoptée du PPCMOI est conditionnelle au changement d’orientation du bâtiment pour amoindrir son effet sur le paysage // Photo : Courtoisie Les Pêcheries SBL

Îles de la Madeleine

The citizens of Grande-Entrée could be asked to vote on a development project aimed at building a lobster pound in a residential area on chemin des Fumoirs.

The particular project of construction, modification or occupation of a building (PPCMOI), which represents an investment of approximately 2 million dollars, is carried by the company Pêcheries SBL which holds one of the six lobster buyer’s permits on the archipelago.

Co-owner Stéphane Fillion explains that the fish tank is a key step in the company’s development and would create about 20 jobs in the area.

Le directeur des opérations aux Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Pierre Bédard et le co-propriétaire de SBL, Stéphane Fillion

In accordance with the law, a public information session was held on April 12 in the presence of citizens of the village, who expressed their fears and questions regarding the project.

25 of them filed a petition to oppose the project.

Le lot visé par le projet de PPCMOI est inclus dans le zonage résidentiel Ra154

Stéphane Fillion says he understands the concerns expressed and is trying to set the record straight, saying that the fish pond will not be a nuisance and that he intends to comply with the municipality’s processes.

A second draft of the BDCP will be adopted by City Council at the May meeting.

At that time, those who oppose the project and live in the by-law area will have the opportunity to request that a registry be established, which, if sufficient signatures are obtained, will allow for a referendum process to be initiated.

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