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A hybrid recognition gala for the students of the Polyvalent High School

Îles de la Madeleine

The academic and extracurricular involvement of the students of École polyvalente des Îles was highlighted Monday afternoon during a recognition gala that took place in hybrid mode.

The students were gathered for the occasion in the library, while the ceremony was filmed.

A total of 57 awards were given to students for their behavior in class, their participation in sports, cultural or artistic activities, their perseverance in school, or for major personal projects.

One of the school’s co-directors, Karen Renaud, describes the pride she and the other staff members feel for their students.

Fellow co-director Annick Nadeau says dropout rates during the pandemic have been similar here to other regions.

However, she points out that guidance services and follow-up with partner organizations ensured that young people who dropped out of high school had other academic or professional projects in mind.

The annual event, which was held with parents in attendance until 2019, had to be canceled in 2020 due to health restrictions, and was held virtually for a week in 2021.

Recognitions awarded (in order of award)

Secondary 1

Marianne Bélanger-Lapierre
Loralie Petitpas
Blanche Dunogier
Vincent Aucoin
Élliot Parisé

Secondary 2

Laurane Verdier
Camil Martinet
Laure-Lou Ouellet
Florence Roussy
Léa Chevarie

Secondary 3

Charlotte Renaud
Mariane Bourgeois
Léa Thériault
Maïka Harvie
Jean-Philippe Poirier

Secondary 4

Laurie Asselin
Nolan Cousineau
Dominik Richard
Esther Chiasson

Secondary 5

Béatrice Cummings
Fay Turbide
Émanuelle Arseneau
Lily-Rose Arseneau
Gabrielle Déziel


Philip Samuel Miousse – Running Club
Carter Patton – Basketball, Cycle 1
Andy Turbide – Basketball, 2nd cycle
Loïc Jomphe – Volleyball (boys), junior 1
Jade Arseneau – Volleyball (girls), junior 1
Gemma Richard – Volleyball (girls), junior 2
Matthew Randrianandraisana – Volleyball (Boys), Youth 2
Sophie Géhami-Poirier – Volleyball (girls), cadet 1
Esther Chiasson – Volleyball (girls), cadet 2
Lisa-Marie Renaud – Volleyball (girls), juvenile
Andy Turbide – Volleyball (boys), juvenile
Clovis Buteau – Badminton, 1st cycle
Jérémi Éloquin – Badminton, 2nd cycle
Maël Menge – Kite, level 1
Matthew Randrianandraisana – Kite, level 2
Thomas Taker – Kite, level 3
Louis-Félix Vigneau – Kite, level 4


Édouard Hubert – Budding Genius
Naïma Quinn – Improvisation
Blanche Dunogier – Theatre
Léanne Cyr – High School Showcase
Naïma Quinn – Artistic expression
Marilou Jomphe – Student Parliament
Rosalie Beaulieu-Côté – German


Livia Molaison
Olivier Régimbald
Yoann Jomphe
Alicya Brochu
Daphnée Blondin
Éloi Cummings

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