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Another successful year at the caisse Desjardins des Ramées

Îles de la Madeleine

The Caisse Desjardins des Ramées has a surplus of $6.8 million, allowing it to pay out more than $1 million in member dividends.

The directors of the branch made the proposal during the annual general meeting held on Monday.

The director, Lucien Presseault, said the voting period is currently underway for the 13,378 members.

The increase in business volume seen in recent years continued in 2021 with a 14 percent increase to $1.27 billion.

The total assets of the fund’s members amounted to $65 million.

Mr. Presseault said that these figures reflect the prosperity and growth of the main economic sectors of the archipelago.

However, he is pleased with Desjardins’ mechanisms and initiatives that allow for the redistribution of a portion of the surplus earnings by financing promising projects for the entire community.

In 2021, the Caisse des Ramées paid out a little more than 130 thousand dollars in donations and sponsorships as well as nearly 318 thousand dollars via the Community Development Fund.

The trustees again recommended $250 thousand, the same investment as last year.

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