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Confederation Bridge: Fare freeze due to federal funding

Îles de la Madeleine

Tolls on the Confederation Bridge will be frozen at current rates in 2023, Transport Canada announced.

The federal department will compensate the bridge operator, Straight Crossing Bridge Limited, to avoid a toll increase due to high inflation.

Valid until 2032, the operating agreement with the government, which owns the infrastructure, provides that the private operator may increase the tolls on January 1 of each year as long as the increase represents less than 75% of the variation in the consumer price index.

For two-axle cars and light trucks, the cost of passage remains at $50.25, while the rate for a motorcycle is $20.

For trucks, there is an additional charge of $8.50 per excess axle.

Transport Canada had also paid $2.7 million to the bridge operator in the summer of 2021 to cover losses due to reduced ridership caused by the pandemic.

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