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CTMA looks into a boat sailing under the New Zealand flag

(Photo : Sid Mosdell)

Îles de la Madeleine

The CTMA fleet could welcome a new vessel in its ranks in order to give itself flexibility in its various services.

Its director, Emannuel Aucoin, confirms that a team went to New Zealand to see the MV Straitsman, a 125-metre long roll-in/roll-off vessel built in 2005 that can carry passengers and has a greater cargo capacity than the Voyageur I.

He says the process is at an exploratory stage, but the vessel identified by his brokers has made a good first impression.

Aucoin explains that with the Vacancier getting older, the co-op wants to avoid a breakdown that could cause a break in service.

This first visit was to see the characteristics of the boat and verify if they are suitable for navigation in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, especially in winter.

The cargo and passenger capacity make the MV Straitsman particularly interesting according to Mr. Aucoin, as it could be suitable for any of the CTMA routes.

The vessel also has an open deck, making it easier to transport dangerous goods.

Emmanuel Aucoin says he is awaiting the final reports, which will be analyzed in the coming months.

CTMA confirms that the cruising component is still on ice due to a lack of manpower and suitable boats for sale.

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