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Esso brand to be permanently replaced by Harnois

Îles de la Madeleine

Esso service stations in the Islands are adopting the Harnois banner.

Daniel Leblond, Director of Sales, Development and Affiliated Networks for Harnois Énergies, points out that the services offered to retailers and customers should remain the same.

He also explains that this change is in line with the company’s commercial strategy on the archipelago

When asked about the prospects for development in the context of the energy transition, Leblond says the Quebec company plans to adapt to changing needs by diversifying its activities.

For example, a so-called « multi-energy » service station in Quebec City now offers access to various energy sources such as electricity, propane and hydrogen.

However, these types of products will not be offered on the archipelago for the time being.

Harnois Energies had entered into a partnership with Magdalen-based Delaney Petroleum, owner of the Esso brand in the Islands, in 2011 before buying out the entire operation in 2017.

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