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New SADC initiative to reduce the use of plastic bottles

(Source photo: SADC des Îles)

Îles de la Madeleine

The SADC des Îles has purchased a mobile drinking water station in order to reduce the use of single-use water bottles on the territory.

The trailer named « Mobil’Eau » should allow Magdalen Islanders and visitors who take part in summer events to fill their reusable bottles on site.

Daniel Gaudet, Executive Director of the SADC des Îles, explains that the $35,000 project is entirely financed by the organization and benefits from a partnership with the Municipality of the Magdalen Islands for the operation and management of the equipment.

Mr. Gaudet also points out that the Mobil’Eau is the enhanced version of a similar project conducted by the SADC de Bécancour in 2019.

He hopes that these types of initiatives will encourage businesses in the territory to further integrate sustainability into their business models.

With a capacity of 225 gallons (852 liters), the mobile station will be able to serve sites far from the water supply, such as Sandy Hook Beach.

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