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Race for mayor: Nicolas Arseneau relies on proximity and sound financial management

Îles de la Madeleine

Mayoral candidate Nicolas Arseneau wants to bring the municipal apparatus closer to the population by reviewing its consultative processes and by conducting a general evaluation of the municipality’s operations.

According to him, this process is complementary to the review of the various service departments conducted by the Director General in 2022.

He gives the example of the meetings held in the villages, which he would like to see regularized throughout the archipelago.

The candidate would also like to make the advisory commissions more effective, particularly by adjusting their regulatory structure.

According to Arseneau, his on-the-ground meetings with citizens have highlighted concerns about the evolution of municipal spending, largely driven by high inflation.

Without proposing a concrete solution or target to clean up the municipal budget, he said he wanted to work to reduce the tax burden on Magdalen Islanders by acting in concert with the Finance Audit Committee.

To develop the proximity between the Municipality and the population it serves, Nicolas Arseneau says he wants to rely on his « human qualities », mentioning that part of the solution, according to him, is to listen better and follow up more closely.

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