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Right whales: the area north of the archipelago reopened to crabbers

Selon les plus récentes estimations, il ne resterait que 336 baleines noires de l'Atlantique Nord dans le monde (photo: Canva)

Îles de la Madeleine

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has authorized the resumption of activities in the quadrilateral areas bordering the 20-fathom line north of the archipelago.

The area was closed for two weeks on May 8 following the detection of a North Atlantic right whale.

Since no specimens were seen between days 9 and 15 of the closed season, the area is once again accessible to crabbers.

It should be noted that to date for the 2022 season, the fishing grounds of the Magdalen Islands lobster fishermen have not been affected by closures related to the whale protection protocol, but they continue to criticize the Department for the management measures put in place.

However, mammals are travelling west of the Islands in great numbers, according to DFO observation maps.

A temporary fishing ban is currently in effect in about 40 quadrangles in the Gulf of St. Lawrence between the Magdalen Islands and Prince Edward Island.

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