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Thirty Deck Hand Students Trained on the Madeleine II

Îles de la Madeleine

CTMA recently welcomed 30 apprentice deckhands on the Madeleine II to contribute to their training.

The students, enrolled in the DEP in Deck Hand in Lévis, were thus able to live a professional immersion experience by working alongside experienced crew members.

Conceived and led by a teacher in the program, Maryse Camirand, the project was the result of a partnership between the shipping company and the Navigators School Service Centre.

Marie-Élaine Guay, senior human resources advisor at CTMA, says that it was also an opportunity to raise awareness of the DVS in Deck Hand among young people in the archipelago.

Her colleague Marc-André Molaison explains that other similar collaborations have already taken place with this program as well as with the Institut maritime du Québec.

He adds that the door remains open for future partnerships.

Ms. Guay also points out that this type of experience contributes to recruitment by making the employer and the work environment known to the next generation of workers.

In addition, six students who participated in the project have already been recruited by CTMA.

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