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When the residues of some make the happiness of others

Îles de la Madeleine

Magdalen Island farmers and gardening enthusiasts can now fertilize their soil with a product made in the Islands via a process of recovery of residues from the processing of seafood.

After having multiplied the tests since 2019 in order to develop avenues of revalorization, the Research Center on Island and Maritime Environments puts on sale a first production of agricultural fertilizer made from crab shells.

These 250 two-kilo bags are available directly from Cermim at a cost of $30.

On an annual basis, the residues of the processing companies represent about 1000 tons of shellfish and about 100 tons of mollusks.

Olivier Richard, an agricultural engineer, explains that from a circular economy perspective, the agricultural sector has a strong potential for reuse.

The method consists of dehydrating the shells and then grinding them to the desired granularity for the various projects, including green concrete.

CERMIM carries out the whole process in its lab-plant in Havre-aux-Maisons with equipment adapted for a modest production.

Mr. Richard indicates that the pilot project will make it possible to sound out the demand and that, in the long run, there is a question of acquiring equipment to meet the needs of the territory.

The first production is intended for the local market.

CERMIM will then follow up with buyers to gather their impressions and comments, as well as to evaluate the profitability of the fertilizer in comparison with commercial products, both economically and in terms of crop yield.

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