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15 passengers bound for the Islands forced to spend the night at the Gaspé airport

Îles de la Madeleine

About 15 passengers flying to the Magdalen Islands had a more turbulent trip than expected.

Last week, a Pascan Aviation aircraft with 30 people on board was grounded during its stopover in Gaspé because the crew noticed a technical problem.

Daniel Côté, mayor of the City of Gaspé and owner of the airport Michel Pouliot, explains that half of the passengers managed to take another plane after several hours of waiting.

However, the remaining 15 passengers had to spend the night at the terminal for lack of alternatives, he said.

He points out that travelers were able to resume their journey to the archipelago via another aircraft that landed around 5:30 a.m.

Daniel Côté deeply regrets the situation and recommends that passengers file a complaint or a claim with the Canadian Transportation Agency.

At the time of publishing this news, Pascan Aviation had not responded to our request for an interview.

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