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International workforce: a rewarding experience in Morocco for 3 local companies

La directrice du CPE Chez ma Tante, Mélanie Bernard et le conseiller en marketing territorial, Alexandre Bessette lors d'une mission de recrutement au Maroc (Photo : courtoisie Alexandre Bessette)

Îles de la Madeleine

Freshly returned from Morocco, Alexandre Bessette, Territorial Marketing Advisor for the Municipality of the Islands, says he is « really satisfied » with this first participation in an international recruitment mission.

Three local businesses, the CPE-BC Chez Ma Tante, Résidence Plaisance des Iles as well as the Coop l’Unité, went to Marrakech ten days ago to participate in the initiative coordinated and organized by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration.

For nearly 20 hours over two days, the participants conducted interviews with candidates pre-selected by the ministry as well as spontaneous applications, » summarizes Mr. Bessette.

Taking the example of the BC-CPE Chez Ma Tante that he accompanied in the field, Alexandre Bessette indicates that close to 4,000 resumes were received and then sorted in order to narrow down the pool to just over 300.

The companies were then asked to identify the candidates to be interviewed, which allowed the CPE to discuss with 83 people interested in taking the plunge.

Approximately five of them could move to the Islands within six to 18 months.

Stressing the importance of preparation, he says the mission was a good opportunity to experience the process directly with a company.

Alexandre Bessette reminds us that companies wishing to recruit internationally have access to financing from Emploi Québec to cover administrative and transportation costs.

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