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Air transportation: Island pharmacies in solution mode

(photo: Canva)

Îles de la Madeleine

The archipelago’s pharmacies are managing to maintain their services despite occasional delays related to air transportation, according to pharmacists Marc-André Lapierre and Geneviève Lévesque.

Although they note that the delays in the supply of medication have increased recently, the situation does not seem to alarm them.

Ms. Lévesque, a pharmacist-owner affiliated with the Jean Coutu group, explains how she is adapting to this situation.

Lapierre, who operates under the Proxim banner with his co-owner partners, says it’s more difficult to get supplies for drugs that must be ordered in smaller quantities.

The two professionals say they are helping each other and working with elected officials and the Archipelago Hospital pharmacy so that long-term solutions can be implemented.

Unfortunately, the management of the CISSS des Îles was not available to comment on this issue before this article was published online.

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