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Anglican bishop visits Magdalen Islands parishioners

L'évêque anglican Bruce Myers (photo: CFIM)

Îles de la Madeleine

Anglican Bishop Bruce Myers is visiting the Islands to meet with parishioners in the communities of Grosse-Île and Entry Island.

Although his visit does not coincide with a special event, he indicated that he would take advantage of his stay to celebrate masses at All Saints’ Memorial and Holy Trinity churches.

He says the challenges facing the Anglican Church on the archipelago are the same as for other faith communities and he believes that youth involvement is an issue that goes beyond religion.

He points out that Magdalen Island parishioners have had to adapt to the absence of a full-time priest in the territory, and he recalls that the Islands once had five separate Anglican parishes.

The bishop’s last visit to the archipelago was last fall.

At that time, he visited Entry Island to consecrate the new cross located behind All Saints’ Memorial Church, replacing the one destroyed by Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

Recall that Bishop Myers became the bishop of the Diocese of Quebec in 2017.


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