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CTMA cancels its next cruise season

La croisière CTMA offre une tournée en mer de la Gaspésie

Îles de la Madeleine

The CTMA confirmed the cancellation of its cruise season planned for 2023, for a fourth consecutive year.

This decision, which the company’s general manager Emmanuel Aucoin had foreshadowed last year, is based in particular on the aging condition of the CTMA Vacancier.

He said that the outdated amenities offered to customers no longer allow for an experience that meets expectations.

Aucoin is not concerned about the seaworthiness of the Vacancier, which occasionally takes over from the Madeleine II and Voyageur II.

When asked if the project to replace the cruise ship is still on the table, his answer seems to indicate that nothing is less certain.

The Vacancier remains docked at the Georgetown wharf in Prince Edward Island for the time being, where it is being maintained by a Magdalen Island crew.

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