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Fisheries Act: 22 convictions in the Islands

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Îles de la Madeleine

The list of convictions under the Fisheries Act includes 19 Magdalen Islanders who received 22 fines totalling $22,880.

The lion’s share of the fines was paid by four of them, who were convicted of offences related to snow crab and Atlantic halibut and ordered to pay $12,900.

According to the document transmitted to the media by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, these judgments date back to the beginning of November 2022.

Marcel Dickson and Roger Burke, of Grosse-Ile, were each fined $2,300 for catching and retaining snow crabs below the legal size.

Bruno-Pierre Bourque, of Étang-du-Nord, was fined $4800 for catching and keeping snow crabs less than 45 millimetres wide.

Léon Vigneau, from Havre-Aubert, will have to pay $3500 for three separate offences related to Atlantic halibut.

The other convictions are related to lobster, soft-shell clams, surf clams, herring and razor clams.

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