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Light pollution: Attention FragÎles and MunÎles shed new light on the situation

(Crédit photo: Marie-Ève Giroux)

Îles de la Madeleine

The portrait of light pollution on the archipelago reveals that nearly 1400 sites are considered problematic, which corresponds to more than 3300 lights.

The data collected this winter by Attention FragÎles show that 62% of the excessive or inappropriate lighting identified is located on the central island, followed by Havre-Aubert (18%) and Havre-aux-Maisons (13%).

The Attention FragÎles team criss-crossed the archipelago from east to west at nightfall to identify harmful outdoor lighting.

Among other places, 29 municipal sites, the Saint-Pierre de Lavernière church, the Anse aux Baleiniers and the Butte Ronde are part of the list, says the project manager in environment and biodiversity for the organization, Éloïse Roy.

She indicates that in the vast majority of cases listed, it is the orientation of the light that creates light pollution, as well as the color of the bulbs.

The portrait of light pollution is part of the energy strategy of the Municipality of the Islands, says its energy efficiency advisor, Jean-Michel Leblanc.

Éloïse Roy et Jean-Michel Leblanc

Actions will be taken for the continuation of the initiative, he details, the first of which consists of the short-term improvement of certain targeted installations.

He added that tools on best practices in terms of lighting for the local population will be created in collaboration with Attention FragÎles.

He mentions that the ASTROLab of the Parc du Mont-Mégantic, which contributes to the project to reduce light pollution, has produced a guide on the subject, available online.

(Source: Réserve internationale de ciel étoilé du Mont-Mégantic)

(Source: Réserve internationale de ciel étoilé du Mont-Mégantic)

(Source: Réserve internationale de ciel étoilé du Mont-Mégantic)

At a cost of approximately $90,000, the initiative is funded by the Climate Municipalities program of the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte aux changements climatiques.

Mr. Leblanc specifies that part of the amount is used to cover the cost of replacing lighting.

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