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Mayoral race: Kaven Langford wants to restructure municipal spending

Kaven Langford (Crédit photo: Le Radar)

Îles de la Madeleine

Mayoral candidate Kaven Langford believes that the municipal budget needs to be revised in a context of inflation and increased pressure on the tax bills of the Magdalen Islanders.

He believes that it would be important to review the Municipality of the Islands’ expenditure items, such as public transit.

Waste management costs, which account for nearly one-fifth of the annual budget, are also an issue that needs to be addressed, says Langford.

He proposes to set up Recyc-Québec collection points on the territory to encourage the population to improve three-way sorting and allow for the recovery of plastic.

As for the issue of septic fields, the candidate suggests to bet on a biomethanization system.

While he has been running a low-key campaign so far, Langford says he is relying on the media to give him a platform.

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