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Mayoral race: Nicolas Arseneau launches his campaign and shares his vision

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Îles de la Madeleine

It is Nicolas Arseneau’s turn to officially launch his campaign for the by-election to the position of Mayor of the Islands.

In the context of a mandate that has already begun, the former municipal councillor wants to integrate himself into the existing structure and to continue with the projects that have already been initiated and with the established planning.

According to Mr. Arseneau, the municipal apparatus is well established in terms of human and material resources, so he does not foresee any major changes during a future mandate.

He summarizes his vision, which he believes is to change the captain without changing the boat.

In addition to issues that he considers to be well known such as housing, erosion and land use, the candidate states that he wants to put forward issues that directly affect citizens on a daily basis such as the state of the road network and waste management.

Mr. Arseneau believes that the Municipality should stick more to its core mission and delegate to local organizations the elements that fall outside its field of expertise.

The role of a mayor, councillors and the executive branch, as well as citizen consultation processes, are also themes he wants to address in the campaign, which runs until March 5.

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