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Mayoral race: Steve Chevarie aims to clean up the municipal administration

Steve Chevarie (photo: CFIM)

Îles de la Madeleine

Mayoral candidate Steve Chevarie believes that municipal management must be cleaned up in order to better serve the citizens.

He believes that the Municipality of the Islands must review its operations to return to its original role, that is, to help the population meet its basic needs.

In his opinion, the mayor is the « father of the family » of the Islands.

Encouraging the creation of affordable housing as well as developing community gardens would help achieve these goals, says Chevarie.

The candidate believes that the components of the municipal budget need to be reviewed and that a possible reorganization of services, including those related to waste management, is needed.

However, he emphasizes that he has full confidence in the finance department and assures full collaboration if elected.

On the other hand, Steve Chevarie says that his « self-effacing » posture in the election campaign does not reflect a lack of motivation, but rather a busy schedule.

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