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Provincial Elections: Chamber of Commerce Sets Priorities

Îles de la Madeleine

While the election campaign is in full swing, the Islands Chamber of Commerce is setting out its expectations of the next government.

Not surprisingly, the labour shortage tops the list of priority issues.

Antonin Valiquette, general manager of the CCÎM, believes that Quebec must improve its support for the regionalization of economic immigration while promoting the accompaniment and integration of newcomers.

Raising the thresholds for economic immigration and recognizing prior learning would also help, he said.

On the transportation side, Valiquette reiterated his call for businesses and non-profits to be included in the accessibility criteria for the Airfare Reduction Program or « $500 tickets ».

He also urges the next MP to commit to actively participate in the file of the extension of the Havre-aux-Maisons airstrip.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce argues that the capacity of the archipelago’s high-speed Internet connection must be improved to prevent the Islands from always lagging behind other regions when it comes to this essential service.

On the issue of energy transition, the CCÎM is of the opinion that the provincial government must help Hydro-Quebec to support the Magdalen Islands businesses that have service contracts with the thermal power plant and those that operate with oil or propane equipment.

Antonin Valiquette underlines having transmitted the document regrouping the priorities of the Chamber to the candidates of the riding.

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