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Race for mayor: Antonin Valiquette proposes a development tied to the financial capacity of the community

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Îles de la Madeleine

Antonin Valiquette, candidate for mayor of the Islands, wants to ensure that the development of municipal services is consistent with the financial capabilities of the community.

According to him, if the previous years have been an opportunity to embark on large and small infrastructure projects, the economic uncertainty and high interest rates make him believe that it is now time to adjust the approach and rationalize investments.

The candidate is committed to keeping the debt ratio below 21% of the municipality’s assets, in addition to promoting the maintenance of existing infrastructures.

If elected, Valiquette intends to ensure that the objectives of the strategic plan, which ends in 2025, are met and that the three-year capital plan is linked to it.

On the issue of the renegotiation of the fiscal pact, he promises to make the voice of the Islands heard in the context of the government’s efforts.

With a view to ensuring the continuation of the Horizon 2025 territory project and the planning that follows, the candidate would also like to review the citizen consultation processes in order to make them more efficient and adapted.

Finally, Antonin Valiquette proposes to establish a clear communication plan aimed at demystifying the powers and responsibilities of the Municipality, noting certain misunderstandings in the field.

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