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Race for mayor: Energy transition, residual materials and coastal erosion in the eye of candidate Antonin Valiquette

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Îles de la Madeleine

The mayoral candidate, Antonin Valiquette, undertakes to make the necessary representations so that Quebec deploys its interdepartmental coordination office in coastal erosion on the archipelago.

It was during a stop in the Islands, in the middle of a provincial election campaign, that the Coalition Avenir Québec had revealed its intention to establish an office to coordinate the actions of various departments.

According to Mr. Valiquette, the archipelago, by its geographical position and its exposure to climate change, is the place to do so.

In addition, he indicates that he wants to work on a climate change adaptation plan, in consultation with local organizations.

On the issue of energy transition, the candidate wants to ensure that the replacement of the thermal power plant is in line with the municipal strategy while respecting the criteria established by Hydro-Quebec, in addition to maintaining quality jobs in the Islands.

Mr. Valiquette also wants to ensure that the impact on the integrity of the territory of the potential Grosse-Île wind farm is reduced or compensated.

He also proposes to integrate energy efficiency measures and sustainable materials for construction permit applicants.

The candidate wants Quebec to recognize the additional cost of insularity in waste management in order to reduce the tax burden on citizens.

The revision of the waste management plan and the renovation of the CGMR are also among the priorities, according to Mr. Valiquette.

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